Google Earth currently provides users with the ability to import static objects using KML. Dynamic objects may also be imported through the use of network links. In addition to KML, the unsupported Google Earth COM API provides a small set of functions to interface with the Google Earth application. However, these features still present limitations to the developer and require some additional work to create applications that can pass information to and from Google Earth.

The Google Earth SDK provides developers with an effective means of injecting content into the Google Earth environment. Using the Google Earth SDK, a developer has access to a large set of useful functions that can provide an interface to Google Earth that will allow control of placemarks, line strings, ground overlays, screen overlays, photo overlays, 3D models, and polygons all without a need for creating or editing any KML. Given this ability, the developer can quickly and easily create applications that utilize Google Earth's amazing geographical imagery to track objects in real-time, overlay custom images, and provide enhanced situational awareness.


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